About the club

About the club

Lazy Tea Club is a friends-owned tea company based in Copenhagen. We do our best to thoughtfully handpick tea from farms around the world—so you don’t have to turn every leaf.

Why we started

Tea shops often have hundreds of different teas. It might be overwhelming to find the needle in the haystack for a casual tea drinker. That used to be us. We wanted someone professional to curate a trimmed selection. Someone with good taste and a responsible mindset. But we couldn’t find that someone.

That’s why we started Lazy Tea Club in the Autumn of 2022. We make it easy and affordable to drink great tea.

What we do

At Lazy Tea Club, we carry a small and curated selection of great tea. Here, you’ll find your staples. Of course, a proper white, black, green, and herbal tea. Maybe even an oolong, if we’re feeling fancy. And hey, we’ll probably change it up a bit once in a while. Try something for a season or two, and see how you like it.

We promise you won’t get overwhelmed. We select what we believe is fantastic tea in each category. No need for you to spend time finding the best Earl Grey. You probably have more exciting things to do anyway. Like, saving the world or chilling at home.

What we believe

A good brew can be more than a brew. It can be a way to wind down after a long and stressful day. It can be part of a ritual of going into focus to get some work done. It can be a part of a lazy afternoon, a way to clear your mind.

In other words, we think the tea vibe is too meaningful to be inaccessible.

Hopefully, someday Lazy Tea Club will be more than just a tea shop. A place to meet and wind down with friends and strangers alike. But for now, it’s a wish to live a balanced life – with just a teaspoon of laziness.

Take care, all the best, ciao,
Theo, Rasmus, Sebastian, and Frederik

If you need to reach us:

  • Send an email to yourfriends@lazytea.club
  • Or a text to +45 2211 8344