Gentle OolongGentle OolongGentle Oolong

Gentle Oolong

A wonderfully light and nuanced oolong with hints of flowers and umami.

Lightly oxidized and roasted providing the fresh, floral aroma characterizing a Monkey Picked Oolong. The tea is grown on a steep mountainside in more than 1000 meters altitude in Anxi, Southeastern China. Here, the Zhang family for decades has developed this delicacy.

This is the jewel of the tea club. We barely make money on this tea, but would love for new tea drinkers to try some of the best.

50g / 75 cups for 110 DKK

  • Floral, aromatic, umami
  • Ideal for post-lunch digestion and when having friends over
  • Perfect for a cup of something that taste wonderful
  • Ingredients: Oolong tea / Oolong te
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About the farm

About the farm

  • China
  • Family-owned
  • Mountainside
The Tangdi village lies at more than 1000 meters altitude in the mountains of Anxi, Easterna China; an area known for mastering oolong tea since the Song Dynasty (800 years ago if you were in doubt). Here, the skilled Zhang family has farmed for decades with organic practices using no chemical fertilizers.

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Brew guide

It's pretty simple to brew a good cup of tea. But we figured we might as well show it.

Pro tip: If you're only making a single brew, you can save the tea in your fridge for a second go later.

Add two teaspoons of Gentle Oolong for every cup of tea you're making.