Starlight ChamomileStarlight ChamomileStarlight ChamomileStarlight Chamomile

Starlight Chamomile

Delicate whole chamomile flowers with a smooth and soft flavor.

Delicate whole chamomile flowers with a smooth flavor and soft mouthfeel. The flowers bloom on fields in Northeastern Croatia near the beautiful Drava river, home to some of the finest chamomile in the world.

A herbal classic that unfortunately only a few have tried in its true form of whole flowers. Less bitter, more sweet.

50g / 40 cups for 90 DKK

  • Sweet, floral, earthy
  • Perfect for lazy evenings
  • Drink as a pre-sleep routine
  • Ingredients: Chamomile flowers / Kamilleblomster
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Brew guide

It's pretty simple to brew a good cup of tea. But we figured we might as well show it.

Pro tip: If you're only making a single brew, you can save the tea in your fridge for a second go later.

Add two teaspoons of Starlight Chamomile for every cup of tea you're making.